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The architectural language used for the project was urban, to reflect the versatile life style of a residential suburb, closely linked to the city.
Emphasis was placed on the use of recycled and raw materials, while ensuring quality isolating materials used in industrial construction. The strategic location of the openings allows ventilation and maximal benefit from natural light. The extensive use of concrete castings creates a thermal mass.
The main concept in designing the space was circular passages, which create a feeling of movement and diversifies the possibilities of access to the different spaces 
View points from which the length of the house is seen and felt accentuate the length of the lot, and take advantage of the openings to create inside-outside contact.
In the center of an open space a cube rises 13.12 feet high. The cube is lined with wood, bought from a crane company that unloads wood containers at the port.

This project r
eceived two awards in Architecture and in Interior design, in "Ot Haitzuv" 2011 Competition. ​

House in Ramat Hasharon

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