Received a Design Award in "Ot Haitzuv" 2017 Competition, for the planning of a private house.  Watch min 06:12 in the attached link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8HductlHTE&feature=youtu.be


אות העיצוב 2017 קרן מילכברג פורת
אות העיצוב.jpg
אות העיצוב 2016

Received a Design Award in "Ot Haitzuv" 2016 Competition , for the planning of the headquarters of Nununu. 



Received two awards in Architecture and in Interior design, in "Ot Haitzuv" 2011 Competition, for the planning and design of a house in Ramat Hasharon. ​


אות העיצוב 2011
אות העיצוב 2011