In progress stage
Front Facade - Hill
Main Entrance
The house imerge from the hill
Back Facade
Back Yard Tunnel

House in Hofit

The House Behind The Hill

The House Behind the Hill, is a 360 sqm house, on a 1000 sqm lot, located in Hofit, Israel.

The idea behind the project was to keep the house private, by creating a landscape facade towards the street. This project incorporates ecological aspects, such as green roof and use of thermal mass by positioning the hill at the facades that gets direct sunshine.

Besides being the facade to the street, the Hill also leads to a patio, and in the west facade it joins a tunnel, leading to an excavated yard. 

The hill was supposed to get another layer of sandstone which was intended to give it a naturalistic appearance, however the clients decided in mid process to keep the plaster finish.

More photos of the project will be added soon.