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I took an interest in design at an early age, when I was exposed to sculpture and painting in my native Israel. My avid interest in the field led to my formal design studies at Parsons School of Design in New York. The skills and experience I gained through my B.A. in Communications and Management from the Tel Aviv Academy of Management has allowed me to combine my perspective on design with my customers’ business marketing goals.

I view design as a discipline that encompasses all aspects of visual communication.

I believe in creating unique, harmonious and unforgettable “experience spaces” with attention paid to the smallest details in order to create a sense of wholeness.

Following graduation, I pursued a career in an architect’s office gaining knowledge in rehabilitation of old buildings in Jaffa and general architecture practices, and also gained experience in designing furniture working at a furniture design firm. I worked in an interior design firm that specializes in quality hotels and luxurious flats. 
My special interest in colors led me to continue to study the subject in FIT in New York where I accrued substantial experience concerning the psychological effects of color in design.

My dedication to these subjects led me to teach Color Theory and Commercial Planning at the Israeli Institute for Builders in its Interior Design biannual course.

The Studio was established in 2002.

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in order to create sophisticated spaces

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